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Roundtable Discussions

Mobile technology is a team effort. Learn more about MOBI’s roundtable discussions and how you can gain business insights by working with peers. When registering for Untethered, be sure to select two discussion topics from the list below.

  • Growing Global

    You’ve probably heard about GDPR… but as mobility shrinks the business world, what global challenges and opportunities need your attention most?

  • Cutting and Controlling Costs

    Most IT decision makers—61%—believe at least half of all carrier bills are spent on overages. Can you afford to ignore expense management?

  • Making Mobility Personal

    Your enterprise’s mobile technology is unique, so shouldn’t its programs and workflows be managed that way?

  • Innovation Through Automation

    Robots are all the rage these days! So, how are you using mobility to automate legacy processes and software platforms?

  • Covering Your Assets

    Different endpoint devices may need different management styles and strategies. How do you decide which ones make the cut?

  • Driving Digital Transformation

    No one said digital transformation was easy. How do you use mobile technology to drive innovation and efficiency?

  • Expanding the User Experience

    Even the best enterprise mobility solution falls flat without satisfied end users. What tools help you keep employees equipped to get the job done?

  • Securing Enterprise Endpoints

    If you’ve never heard of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), you’re not alone. How do you help protect mobile endpoint devices?

  • Carriers vs. Manufacturers

    Managing multiple carrier relationships is tough. Where do you find the best deals on mobile devices and wireless connectivity?

  • An Enhanced Mobile Ecosystem

    Are you being asked to manage more and more technologies and devices? How are you dealing with advanced solutions like IoT and UEM?