If you’re in charge of mobile technology at work, your days are filled with some pretty unique challenges. Keeping employees compliant with security policies, managing global users and technologies, and updating data across multiple systems are just a few tasks you deal with every day.

Whether you’ve deployed 10 devices or 10,000 devices, it takes a visionary leader with serious collaboration skills to succeed in enterprise mobility. After all, adapting to changing needs, technology plans, and security gaps is no easy feat.

That’s where Untethered 2018 comes in. If you’ve never heard of Untethered Summit—or simply haven’t attended one before—this three-day MOBI user conference helps companies accelerate digital transformation and add business value to their mobile technologies.

This October, enterprise mobility leaders from all over the world will meet in Indianapolis to connect and learn together. If you don’t have an event pass yet, guess what? It’s your lucky day—we’re previewing three ways Untethered 2018’s engaging discussions and speaker sessions will upgrade your mobile technology program:

Way Better Workflows

Robots and automated software are all the rage these days—whether you’re watching a movie or using your phone at work. Global mobility programs are uncovering disruptive business value by transforming legacy processes and software platforms into streamlined, technology-driven tasks instead.

Innovation Through Automation: A little bit of planning goes a long way. Learn from the experts so you can help your organization manage mobile technology to both satisfy current demands and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Making Mobility Personal: Nobody said digital transformation was going to be easy. Sit in on this session if you’re interested in learning more about how automated mobility management solutions drive global innovation and efficiency.

Upgraded User Experiences

Even the most impressive enterprise mobility solution falls flat without satisfied employees and widespread support. However, a happy worker doesn’t just mean extra productivity; it creates an internal technology advocates that are motivated to make mobile technology initiatives a success.

Expanding the User Experience: Help desk is great. An integrated global software experience is even better. Join us to learn more about the enterprise mobility industry’s most effective strategies for keeping end users happy, productive, and connected.

An Enhanced Mobile Ecosystem: More and more technologies are being lumped into enterprise mobility. Are users starting to ask you for advanced solutions like the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Learn how Fortune 500 companies deal with these demands every day.

Great Global Relationships

Mobile technology is shrinking the world and bringing businesses closer together. In fact, these endpoints are already expanding business operations beyond traditional hours, language barriers, or systems integration challenges—if successfully managed.

Growing Global:You’ve probably heard a thing or two about Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by now… but what global challenges and opportunities does it present? Let MOBI’s global experts take you on an international tour to find out more about your organization’s most pressing data issues.

Carriers vs. Manufacturers: Managing multiple wireless carrier relationships is much easier said than done. While every business and region is different, some global programs are bypassing carriers to buy devices straight from the manufacturer. What are the advantages of creating a similar program for your business?

In case you haven’t already figured it out, there’s never been a better time to register for Untethered 2018. Don’t get left behind—sign up before July 31st to take advantage of the event’s lowest possible ticket prices!