Today’s advanced mobile technology scares company decision makers. Enterprise mobility, mobile security, and the future of work are enough to overwhelm even the best and brightest IT minds, too. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Starting October 8th, Untethered Summit 2018 will connect global mobility thought leaders to discuss enterprise mobility and how it plays a pivotal role in advancing digital transformation efforts. That means hands-on training, in-depth software demos, and collaborative sessions where experts share their industry tips and best practices.

But, this is far from the only reason to attend this year’s Untethered event. There’s a long list of reasons why you need to be in Indianapolis this October—here are just a few of them!

1. Two Tracks to Choose From

Whether you actively manage mobility or support a program’s technical infrastructure, Untethered 2018 will enhance your agility working inside the MOBI Platform.

2. Keynote Speaker Katie Linendoll

The TV host, speaker, and journalist will dive deep into the world of enterprise mobility to reveal some surprising trends and technology.

3. Make Your Mobility Solution Even Better

Learn from MOBI’s global strategists, hands-on training sessions, and in-depth software demos.

4. The Future is Now

Get a sneak peek at what’s coming next in enterprise technology and mobile connectivity. Learn strategies and best practices to accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

5. Gain New Perspectives

Many of the world’s largest, most complex mobility programs will be represented, so take advantage and learn what they did (and didn’t) do so well.

6. Enjoy the Circle City

Experience Indianapolis’ unique blend of small-town hospitality and big-city amenities.

Untethered 2018 gives you the tools and strategies your organization needs to accelerate digital transformation and enhance the impact of enterprise mobility. Now that your mind is made up, it’s time to work on convincing that penny-pinching boss of yours! Click here to download and customize your Untethered 2018 justification letter today!