If you’ve seen one enterprise mobility conference, you’ve seen them all, right? Nope. Not even close.

By evolving and advancing digital transformation efforts, mobile technology has the potential to radically reshape the way work gets done—and only one 2017 event features the strategies and discussions businesses need to succeed in tomorrow’s mobile-first environment: Untethered Summit.

Speaking of Untethered, I’ve got some exciting news: our event agenda is set! Industry experts, analysts, MOBI executives and engineers, and some of the world’s largest companies will meet in Indianapolis and learn how to harness the power of connected devices to unlock IT flexibility, profitability, and a competitive edge.

In addition to fun networking opportunities, Untethered attendees will experience how connected devices are already transforming enterprise strategies and how to best leverage MOBI’s robust software platform.

Officially, event sessions kick off with Ralph Rodriguez, Founder and Research Fellow at Blue Hill Research, who teaches organizations how to move past IT’s cost reduction strategies to achieve long-term strategic value and optimized workflows. After that, AOTMP SVP Tim Colwell explores enterprise mobility’s most impactful use cases and industry trends.

Nick McQuire, VP of enterprise Research at CCS Insight, headlines the Untethered speaker lineup. His keynote address delves into digital transformation and the future of connected devices. Understand where enterprise mobility is headed so your business can anticipate and plan for what’s happening next.

MOBI executives and experts will also announce the results of our first-ever research report, talk top connected device strategies for 2018, explore our software’s least-used features, and even debut MOBI’s latest and greatest innovation.

Have you registered for Untethered yet? If not, there’s only a few seats left—make sure you sign up today. We’ll see you in October!