Untethered or FUNtethered? To MOBI, they’re one in the same! At Untethered Summit 2017, attendees will enhance their mobility programs and converse with thought leaders about how mobility is advancing digital transformation. While that, in itself, is more than enough reason to attend, the unique experiences and activities don’t stop there.

Our three-day event begins at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, in the Quarterback Club. You’ll be offered tasty drinks and appetizers of course, but something else that’s especially cool: stadium tours.

The following day is filled with many discussions and opportunities to learn about ideas that can help your enterprise mobility systems. To put the icing on this conference cake, we’ll visit The HiFi—one of Indy’s coolest concert venues—for our Big Damn Party. Enterprise mobility is just more fun when capped off with a three-piece country blues band like you’ve never seen before!

If all of that isn’t enough, you can bet there’s more to do in Indianapolis. After all, if you went out to a different place every night, it would take over a year before you visited the same place twice! Visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and see where Indy car driver Takuma Sato won this year’s Indy 500. Take advantage of Fall weather and venture to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where 100 acres of land features one of the largest museum art parks in the country.

You won’t get to do and see everything the city has to offer, but a three-day event with some down time built in is a good place to start. I know what you’re thinking—I get to further my mobility management skills AND have a blast in one of the nation’s most underrated cities? YES! Register today so you’re not missing out on all the fun at Untethered.