Untethered 2017’s agenda is filled with future-facing discussion topics and sessions. While we won’t have a crystal ball at the event, we will have the industry’s second-best option: keynote speaker Nick McQuire.

Nick McQuire, Untethered Summit 2017’s Keynote Speaker

As VP of Enterprise Research at CCS Insight, McQuire is an expert when it comes to enterprise mobility and workplace IT strategies. That’s why he’ll share his thoughts about digital transformation and the future of connected devices at Untethered’s keynote session. We couldn’t wait that long to talk to him though—here’s how our conversation went:

How long have you worked in enterprise mobility?

I’ve been an enterprise mobility practitioner and analyst since the late 1990s (when the market was really boring). As someone who’s been an IT advisor, worked with managed mobility service providers, and witnessed telecom companies perform early-stage market activities, I’ve experienced almost everything firsthand and have a long track record with the technology.

What excites you most about mobile technology and current industry trends?

There are lots of activities going on across key market areas right now—none more exciting than Artificial Intelligence (AI). How are enterprises adopting, deploying, and considering this technology in terms of use cases, driving business value, and addressing security and compliance? What kind of effects could AI have on an enterprise mobility program and the market overall? Another current key trend is how enterprise mobility’s maturation is being driven by new mobile technologies, changes in the vendor landscape, and new form factors entering businesses.

How is enterprise mobility affecting digital transformation efforts globally?

Depending on how mature a company’s transformation efforts are and how experienced it is with mobile technology in general, enterprise mobility is often the spearhead digital transformation efforts. Advanced firms are already using mobile technology as a platform to evolve customer experiences and transform internal processes—without these capabilities, their competitors are often held back by security concerns and cost challenges. As this evolution continues, expect gaps to form between companies that are doing great things with technology and those that are lagging behind… Office 365 is another major digital transformation catalyst that’s reflective of the contemporary enterprise drive to build better efficiency.

What connected device trends/challenges do companies need to be ready for?

More than anything else, companies need to prepare for security threats and new regulation compliance for the successful management of new mobile device types. They also need to be ready for trends that challenge traditional IT models and require serious digital workplace strategy decisions, such as increasing heterogeneity of mobile platforms, Windows 10 management challenges, converging desktop and mobile management, and more PC-like mobile device functionality that enables new workflows but challenges the enterprise view of what a PC or mobile devices really is.

What else will you be talking about as Untethered 2017’s keynote speaker?

In addition to expert insights and predictions about the next phase of mobile maturity, I’ll explore how IT departments plan to use AI and other intelligent technology to effectively create business value and support IT. I will also look at the changing security environment and how companies will leverage new technologies like AI to overcome traditional security challenges.

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