The second-ever Untethered Summit is happening October 3rd – 5th in Indianapolis. This conference, aimed toward mobility decision makers, features pivotal content your company needs in order to understand how digital transformation can drive your mobility ecosystem forward. There are many reasons why it’s important for you to attend Untethered this year—and every year— but here are the top five reasons why this year’s event matters.

 The Top 5 Reasons to Attend Untethered Summit 2017:

  1. Put the “connect” in connected devices. Untethered is a place for mobility enterprise thought leaders to convene from all over the globe. Take advantage of it and meet them face-to-face. Ask questions that you’ve never been able to answer before and take your company’s enterprise mobility management to the next level.
  2. Be ready for 2018 and beyond. The world of mobility is constantly shifting and sending enterprises into a frenzy. Get ahead and learn all about convergence, connected device management, and what the future has in store for enterprise mobility. Don’t get caught up in what’s only happening now; look ahead and be ready to embrace whatever comes next for your mobile ecosystem.
  3. Don’t make the same mistakes. Learning from the successes and failures of others is one of the greatest ways to better your enterprise. Mobility programs far and wide will be represented at Untethered, giving attendees every last detail on what did and didn’t work for their company.
  4. Keynote speaker Nick McQuire, VP of Enterprise Research at CCS Insight, will use his global research and expert interactions to give attendees an inside look at his digital transformation perspective and the future of connected devices. Gain insight from industry experts and analysts during sessions and be introduced to future connected device strategies early.
  5. Make your MOBI solution even better. MOBI has a great platform, but you can learn how to make it even better when our representatives lead discussions on the software’s most rarely used features. Additionally, you’ll learn how our newest, yet-to-be-released feature will advance your enterprise mobility ecosystem (before anyone else has the chance to see it). Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from MOBI innovators and enhance your company’s device, expense, program, and workflow management capabilities.
  6. BONUS: That’s right, there’s a bonus! Not only do you get this incredible opportunity to learn from some of the mobility industry’s best leaders, but you get to do it in the city of Indianapolis at one of the best boutique hotels around. Moreover, you’ll get to hang out with us in the Lucas Oil Stadium Quarterback Suite when we kick off the event. As the festivities end, you’ll even get to visit one of the best concert venues in the city—the Hi Fi.

Register for the Untethered Summit today. There are only 250 spots. You don’t want to miss it!